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Download the standalone version of Airdroid 3. 4.0.1 for Panels 32- and 64-bit. Amazing Android phone control app Airdroid 3. 4.0.1 combines broadband transmission to provide all the necessary opportunities in one location.

Discuss of Airdroid

If you are in the headquarters and unable to employ your phone or if it distracts you from your employment, you cannot incorporate it constantly. All tasks like finding calls, bringing conversations, and controlling connections can be carried out electronically by connecting your phone to your computer. An easy-to-understand individual port makes it possible to remotely control your handheld device. Send paperwork, get and get calling, and send and receive messages. It is a pretty small tool that doesn’t interfere with the performance of your computer.

Additionally, you have access to the call log, missed calling, browse conversations, and many features. Additionally, it enables file transfers to and from cellular devices. Use the physical console and the personal to model messages. The Airdroid Android App must be downloaded from the Play Store to your Android product. End-to-end secureness enables safe wireless communication between computers and phones.

characteristics of Airdroid 3. 4.0.1

The majority of Airdroid’s’s options include:

  • Interact your Android gadget to a computer remotely.
  • wifi internet access
  • Your computer should pick up any coming visits.
  • Create invites using a smart device
  • Letters can be sent and received.
  • See the background of calls
  • File transfers between computers and phones
  • Start the products.
  • end-to-end cryptography that is tight
  • Use the map to find your contact.
  • Information from the mobile device should be deleted.
  • Engage your landline and contemporize content.

Technical Information for Airdroid 3. 4.0.1.

Before installing Airdroid, read up on its technical specifications.

  • All Windows discharges are compatible.
  • 22.2 Kb in document measurement
  • 128 Mb of ram are needed.
  • Single Core Processor
  • Sand Studio, a engineer

Free Skylights update of Airdroid 3. 4.0.1

The independent installation of Airdroid 3. 4.0.1 for Skylights can be downloaded by clicking the button down. It works with both the x86 and X64 architectures. Airdroid is the best software for remotely performing any services on your Android device.

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